“Are we cleaner than our ancestors?”, printing project for Warwickshire Museum Service.

I was commissioned by Warwickshire Museums to develop an arts workshop on a very unusual theme…   They wanted a printing project for older residents to participate in, which would compliment their museum on the move bus theme “Are We Cleaner than our ancestors” It was a fun project to research looking at cleaning products used in the 1930’s and 40’s such as Brasso, Fairy, Oxydol, Soda, Carbolic soap.  We had some interesting conversations about cleanliness, as you do!







Illustration beats Explanation at Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

12 September to 21 November, 2015
We encounter illustrations every day, be they instructions, cartoons or anatomical diagrams. Illustration Beats Explanation features contemporary artists who work in illustration and use comics, storyboards and drawing as a visual way to convey new ideas about the world. The exhibition is a collaboration between Nathaniel Pitt, Division of Labour Gallery and the Museums Worcestershire Team.
I have been invited to exhibit illustrations for this event.

Ghanaian coffin project at the Coffin Works

I am very excited to be working on a celebration of life and death project, at the Coffin Works in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.  It will be a five week project working with women from all cultures and faiths, commencing in May.  We will be creating miniature coffins taking inspiration from the fabulous Ghanaian coffins, which will be exhibited at the venue from July to September 2015.

For further information about the Newman Coffin Works: please visit http://www.coffinworks.org

To read more about Ghanian coffins, please visit http://ghanacoffin.com/histoire/e_sommaire.htm