A Little Book of Nature, Beeline Storytelling Workshop at the Hive

Create your own very special book of nature, I  will encourage you to draw and collage through exploration of the magic of everyday waste materials. The workshop will cover  elements of how to write a book, using words and pictures. The workshop is designed for parents and children (children need to be accompanied).
Suitable for ages 6+. Booking essential.
Friday 27 October, 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm
Tickets are £4.00.
To book tickets, please visit: https://e-services.worcestershire.gov.uk/LibraryEvents/EventDetails.aspx?id=390<img
cardboard owl1

Make a Cuthbert Rabbit at Pershore Library.

I will be making Cuthbert rabbits or otherwise known as squares into bunny workshop on the 4th August from 2-4pm at Pershore Library.  It is a free event for children and the knitted square with attached pom pom tail have been made, curtesy of Pershore WI.  All you need to do is some sewing, stuffing and give it some eyes and a mouth and you can take home your very own Cuthbert Rabbit.

The event celebrates 100 years of WI, the WI started to make and sell Cuthbert Rabbits because there was a huge shortage of toys before the war began, many were imported from Prussia and Germany, so of course, when we started to fight them we stopped buying their toys!

Cuthbert Rabbit was a popular cartoon character created by Percy Fearon (‘Poy’) and he was a funny choice for a World War One character – you can find out more on the blog Maggie Andrews and Jenni Waugh wrote about him: https://ww1inthevale.wordpress.com/2015/07/16/cake-bakers-trouble-makers-coming-to-a-tv-near-you/

World War 1 Bunting Workshop at Witton Middle School, Droitwich

Wychavon Council commissioned me to work with fifty Year 4 and 5’s  to create bunting using fabric paints and stencils on the theme of World War 1.  It will be a 100 years since the Battle of the Somme and Droitwich will be celebrating this anniversary.  I have been very impressed by the community spirit in Droitwich, where loads of different groups and individuals are decorating their own bunting which will all be sewn together to hang in Droitwich town centre at the end of this month.

Here are some of the fantastic examples of bunting created by the students at Witton School.



World War 1 decoupage workshop in Droitwich.

My latest project was to create a family workshop on creating decoupage based on the topic of World War1.  Pretty specific, I know.   Thanks to the wonderful printed material available from the Robert Opie collection, I was able to locate some advertising material from the 1910′ onwards and create a collage with all of the imagery.  Here is one of my examples of a decoupaged box used to inspire others.


Textiles project funded by the Laura Ashley Foundation.

I was delighted to work with the museum on the move bus in Worcestershire on their theme “Made in Worcestershire and Warwickshire”.  There were lots of examples of ribbon which was made in Warwickshire factories and woven examples of carpets created by the carpet capital, Kidderminster.   Worcestershire museums were successful in securing funding from the Laura Ashley Foundation, for a textiles education and outreach project.  I worked with older audiences in care homes in Worcestershire where we created the below colourful woven textiles.



“Are we cleaner than our ancestors?”, printing project for Warwickshire Museum Service.

I was commissioned by Warwickshire Museums to develop an arts workshop on a very unusual theme…   They wanted a printing project for older residents to participate in, which would compliment their museum on the move bus theme “Are We Cleaner than our ancestors” It was a fun project to research looking at cleaning products used in the 1930’s and 40’s such as Brasso, Fairy, Oxydol, Soda, Carbolic soap.  We had some interesting conversations about cleanliness, as you do!







World War 1 Workshops at Pershore Library.

For further information please visit: http://www.voicesofwarandpeace.org/2014/10/27/ww1-in-the-vale-now-in-pershore

I was delighted to be invited to run family learning workshops around the topic of World War 1.  Families had to imagine that their father had been away at war and was returning home for the first time in three years.   Families had to illustrate and create a menu, based on local foods and rations at the time.  Families drew onion soup, pigeon pie, rabbit pie, pork chops, carrots, potatoes, Pershore plum crumble, apple crumble, blancmange, water, apple juice and a small piece of chocolate if their father was lucky!