Arts and Health

memory book imageSarah has extensive experience in developing and evaluating Arts and Health projects. She previously worked as an Arts and Health coordinator in East London, during this time she was funded to complete an MA in Arts Management with the thesis title “What are the barriers for Arts on Prescription”

Examples of Arts and Health Projects

Memory Books:
Sarah designed a twelve week arts and reminiscence course in collaboration with Age UK and Museums Worcestershire. The workshops were designed for the over fifties to increase health and well-being through creating their own memory book. Participants learnt new art skills and created books on holidays, hobbies, family, pets and nature. The artwork was printed on banners and made into an exhibition called ‘Reflections’ which toured around Worcestershire Libraries. In addition to this, I was asked to contribute to the evaluation of the project and to produce a regional resource on How to make a memory book, one for adults and one for young people for use in the classroom.


Public Art Commission based on ‘My World’ for Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.
It involved creating 39 pieces of art for wall panels and ceiling tiles based on nature for a new Paediatric Arts in Health unit.

The arts and health brochure can be downloaded here:

ED Site ShotsTextile Projects
I was commissioned to develop textile themes around the exhibition topics as highlighted below, funded by the Laura Ashley Foundation. The museum on the move bus toured around residential homes in the two counties of Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Residents could step onto the bus and explore the exhibitions and then participate in learning new textile techniques.


1. “Made in Worcestershire and Warwickshire” Warwick is known for its ribbon making industry and Kidderminster for its carpets. It seemed appropriate to develop a weaving project with lots of beautiful sensory fabrics for an older, mainly female audience.

2. “Now wash your hands, Are we cleaner than our ancestors”?
This was the other textiles topic which resulted in a printed tea towel project, inspired by cleaning products in the 1930’s and 40’s. Inspiration was taken from the original Hoovers, Brasso, Oxydol, Carbolic Soap and Fairy.

Arts and Reminiscent Activity Programme commissioned by Museums Worcestershire and Wychavon District Council
I designed an arts programme to include 30 arts and reminiscent activity sessions delivered in six dementia care homes in the Wychavon district. The museums service created trolleys full of reminiscent objects based on the following themes: nature, holidays, hobbies, games and relaxation, families, royalty, pets and celebrations, food, shopping, hair and beauty. These were used as a handling collection for residents to discuss, alongside the arts activities.
The evaluation report for this project can be downloaded at:

Crazy Coffins Project
I worked at the wonderful Coffin Works with ladies from Ladywood over five weeks to explore how we would to be represented if we were designing our very own crazy coffins.
The exhibition celebrates how unique we all are and showcases how we would like to be represented at the time we die. We took our inspiration from the Ghanaian funeral tradition. More information can be found at:

crazy coffin

Jewellery Making Workshop, a workshop designed for carers held at the annual Gloucester Carers Conference.

Making a George Marshall Mascot, as part of the Big Draw, George Marshall Museum.

Making Microbes Workshop, for the Infirmary Museum, University of Worcester.