My journey began studying textile design in London, this led to working as a textile designer in Africa with women’s groups and street children. I worked in the ‘Jua Kali’ sector, a Kiswahil word for working under the fierce hot sun.  Colour was applied freely and patterns were randomly placed across the fabrics and ‘nothing’ was wasted.

My dream job was working as an artist in residence for an environmental charity.  This involved playing with an exciting array of industrial waste for the purpose of developing an arts education programme and organising a national conference on creativity and re-use.

Colour, pattern making, texture and shape are my inspiration, which I use to create spontaneous compositions for fabric, paintings and paper. Little is thrown away and I re-use household and industrial waste items, alongside natural objects for collage, printing, painting and image making.

I love problem solving and develop creative solutions for a diverse range of clients.  Sectors that I work across are art, design, heritage, development, environment, health, regeneration and education.  Please do get in touch for a friendly chat and cuppa, if you would like to collaborate.

Everyone should be able to access good art, even in their own home. Here is my art gallery in a cupboard, made from postcards and images that friends have given to me. Why not make one yourself?