‘Chicken Life Drawing’ at King’s Hawford School, Worcester

I visited the idyllic Kings Hawford School again today, it was a morning of  ‘chicken life drawing’.  We enticed a chicken named ‘Cupcake’ inside the art room, our secret was to use chocolate biscuit crumbs.  She made an excellent life model until she made her way to the art trolley, obviously feeling left out from all the wonderful art that was taking place.

chicken storyboard

Here are some of the finished chickens in watercolour, thanks Cupcake for providing us with inspiration.  Well done Year 3’s.

finished chickens

One thought on “‘Chicken Life Drawing’ at King’s Hawford School, Worcester

  1. What a fantastic session this must have been. Of must have been tricky to keep cupcake in a single pose! The pictures y the young artists are excellent… It is clear that the texture and colouring of cupcake’s feathers presented them with a fascinating art challenge. Love it.

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