Make a Cuthbert Rabbit at Pershore Library.

I will be making Cuthbert rabbits or otherwise known as squares into bunny workshop on the 4th August from 2-4pm at Pershore Library.  It is a free event for children and the knitted square with attached pom pom tail have been made, curtesy of Pershore WI.  All you need to do is some sewing, stuffing and give it some eyes and a mouth and you can take home your very own Cuthbert Rabbit.

The event celebrates 100 years of WI, the WI started to make and sell Cuthbert Rabbits because there was a huge shortage of toys before the war began, many were imported from Prussia and Germany, so of course, when we started to fight them we stopped buying their toys!

Cuthbert Rabbit was a popular cartoon character created by Percy Fearon (‘Poy’) and he was a funny choice for a World War One character – you can find out more on the blog Maggie Andrews and Jenni Waugh wrote about him:

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